MNA Geoff Kelley resigns from Quebec Liberal Party


According to a report by La Presse on May 15, MNA Geoff Kelley will be stepping down from a life of politics.  Suspicions of his resignation have been rumored for some time.

In the recent past,  Kelley did not hide that he would like his son, Gregory, to succeed him as a member of Parliament in Jacques-Cartier. An unlikely scenario, entrusted to the side of the PLQ, since many candidates will be in the ranks.

Before being elected MP, Geoffrey Kelley had spent four years in the office of Minister Claude Ryan, who had been responsible for the Charter of the French language. He had followed him to Public Safety, then for nine months he became chief of staff to Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, President of the Treasury Board.

Before working with Claude Ryan, Kelley was for four years director of communications and research at Alliance Quebec, a major lobby group at the time for the rights of the English-speaking community.



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