Geo History Map – a fun free factual new app that teaches history


MPO Educational Enterprises,  a new Montreal-based company is launching its digital application in the offices of PME Montréal West Island, .  This program allows the teaching of history to students of all levels in an interactive and engaging way. Students can now enjoy a 21st century learning experience by mixing innovative technology powered by Google with multimedia.  

Educational solution: allows students to put historical events into perspective in space and time while remaining creative and engaged;  teachers can use the integrated tools to track and manage the class performance. Historians, Museums, teachers and educators have come together to validate the content. 

Economic Solution: Entirely created in Quebec, the virtual application will allow Canadian School Commissions to save millions every year by eliminating the purchase of textbooks and workbooks.

Ecological Solution: Limiting the use of paper in our schools actively contributes to reducing our ecological footprint. 

The program is available now and offers a free version for the general public. The largest interactive collection of historical documents online is on . 


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