Generous Canadian Grant an Immigrant Her Dying Wish


Two years ago, Kirandeep Kaur and her husband came to Canada in search of a better life. Earlier, Kaur had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and then the abdominal pain began.

According to Dr. Sinziana Dumitra of McGill University Health Centre, cancer had come back with vengeance. Her medical team determined that there was nothing else they could to help.

However, Kaur had one wish, to go back home and be surrounded by family and family as she dies. She insisted that she would leave the hospital anyway, even if she was going to die.

Dumitra was moved by the idea moved and decided to call the MUHC Foundation. Julies Quenneville, MUHC CEO was then battling COVID-19 fever and wasn’t taking any calls, but she decided to pick this one.

Julies say she was touched by the story that she cried. She then decided to do something to help the young woman. MUHC raises funds for medical equipment and research. But Quenneville figured out that a donor might be moved by the story also.

Julies call Mark, who responded that he do something. Mark is a businessman and a philanthropist who felt compelled to help. He also enlisted Andre Desmarais and France Chretien, who funded her trip.

Kaur is now back in India, receiving palliative care, fully granted her dying wish, by generous Canadians.


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