Gateway Casinos Pledges $50M for Transformative Refurbishment in Western Fair District


Commencing a transformative work on its premises in the Western Fair District, Gateway Casinos has put its chips on a $50+ million refurbishment plan. The project includes a substantial upgrade of the gaming floor, a stretch from 70,000 square feet to 84,000 square feet, while introducing an entirely reimagined modern gaming and dining experience throughout the venue.

Putting the spotlight on the new features, General Manager Darcy Romanin unveiled expectations of an expanded gaming floor, a rise in table numbers, and the integration of two new restaurants. Both Match Eatery and Public House, the signature brands of the company, as well as the Chow Lucky Noodle House will be included in the renovation. Diners of all ages will be able to enjoy their meal independent of the gaming activities, as the establishment will be separate from the casino floor.

The new dining area aspires to create an engaging ambience, featuring a heated patio and a live events stage spotlighting local musicians. The enlarged gambling area—comprising 891 slot machines, 18 live gaming tables, and a fresh, central bar—promises an immersive experience. An exterior makeover incorporating the vibrant “Cascades” brand and an accessible central entry point mark the aesthetic upgrades.

Following a recent tour, Coun. Susan Stevenson expressed her enthusiasm for the revamping initiative, viewing it as a significant move towards bolstering the attractiveness of the Old East Village’s entertainment district. Stevenson conveyed her hope for the region to emerge as a destination in its own right, synergizing with the city’s existing offerings.

The casino’s commitment to staying in the Western Fair District marks an important milestone as this decision guarantees another long-term lessee for the city’s property. The CEO of Western Fair District, Reg Ash, voiced a positive outlook on the developments, anticipating a broader and more enriching entertainment and culinary experience for clients, while also anticipating an economic upturn for London through job creation and higher visitor footfall.

Despite the extensive refurbishment plans, Romanin assures that customer experience will be relatively undisturbed. Over the estimated 27-month project timeline divided into five phases, customers’ interaction with casino services should remain seamless.

The expansion of gaming facilities on the premises cues a higher stake for both Gateway and city hall given an existing revenue-sharing agreement. Stevenson acknowledged the forthcoming budgetary challenges but also predicted an indirect positive effect on local businesses courtesy of the renovation attracting visitors.

In line with its renovation, the casino ventures the induction of roughly 100 new jobs by late 2025. Romanin exudes confidence while envisioning the future project’s successful completion, “London will be very happy with the product that will be here once it’s all finished. We have definitely not held back.”

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