Garland Would Resign Over Pressure to Pursue Trump, Upholds Justice Department’s Impartiality


In a recent televised discussion, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland broached the topic of his intentions should he be requested by President Joe Biden to proceed against the Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump. Nonetheless, Garland does not anticipate such an occurrence.

He expressed, “While I am convinced such a situation won’t arise, I wouldn’t take any step in that direction. If compelled to, I would tender my resignation, although I do not perceive any likelihood of such an event.”

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The Justice Department, currently under Garland’s leadership, not only presides over indictments involving Trump, that include allegations of attempts to subvert the 2020 election and wrongful retention of classified documents, but also oversees various cases linked to Biden’s son Hunter. Additionally, the aftermath of the U.S. Capitol disorder and investigations into classified documents discovered at the president’s residential and official premises form part of their purview.

Garland, who has assumed responsibility for three distinct special counsels, has chosen to remain circumspect regarding the cases. He reaffirmed his resolve to withhold specifics on Sunday while refuting suggestions by Trump and his proponents that the cases were timed to sabotage his potential presidential run in 2024.

Garland stressed that the Department of Justice’s attorneys maintain their impartiality and are not influenced by political affiliations in their decision-making process. When asked about the President’s involvement in ongoing investigations, Garland clarified that there has been no interference. He also denied allegations from Republican camps of undue leniency towards President’s son, Hunter Biden, who is presently indicted on a firearms infraction following the collapse of his plea deal in a tax case.

Garland underscored the Justice Department’s equitable approach, stating, “Our principles do not discriminate between Republicans and Democrats, adversaries and allies. We are guided solely by one standard – adherence to facts and law. Our decisions are drawn from constitutional requirements and civil liberties protection.

Deeply affected by the escalating hostility, especially the death threats levelled against judges and prosecutors involved in the Trump cases, Garland emphasized, “We may engage in heated discussions but using violence or threats of violence to influence outcomes is unacceptable. We owe each other respect and kindness. Regardless of the intensity of our argument, we must refrain from violence or threats thereof. Democracies thrive on this very principle.”