Gaming Revenue in Mississippi Hit Record Dating Back 1990s


A Report indicates that casinos in Mississippi will take in more money this year than in the year before the pandemic. According to sources, Mississippi’s gross gaming revenue from January to May this year has totaled $1.1 billion. In 2019, the casino won $2.2 billion the whole year.

Due to movement restrictions and COVID-19 lockdown, casinos in Mississippi won $1.8 billion in 2020. The state is expecting gaming halls to generate revenue records dating back to the 90s.

Mississippi has 26 commercial casinos, twelve along the Gulf Coast and eight in the Biloxi area. According to Keith Crosby, the general manager at Palace Casino in Biloxi, there is less competition for discretionary dollars due to the closure of many businesses.

The many tourists are showing up in Mississippi is another reason why gaming revenue is soaring in the state. Increased vaccine rollout nationally is enabling people to travel more. Tourists are showing up in the Coastal Mississippi than in previous years.

With athletic events scheduled to resume, state Rep. Casey Eure (R) says that sports betting will also revive the interest in casinos. The NFL season is starting soon, and more sports bet is expected to generate more revenue. NFL is the most widely bet sporting event in the US.

In Mississippi, sports wagering is restricted inside casinos. Bettors cannot access sporting events on their smartphones or computers.

However, in neighboring states that include Louisiana and Tennessee, mobile sports betting is legal.


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