Gaming Night Dispute Leads to Attempted Murder and Standoff in Florida Neighborhood


In the sultry confines of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, what seemed to be a routine disagreement swiftly spiraled into a dangerous incident of potential fatality, ending with a man incarcerated on charges of attempted murder.

The dramatic unfolding of events began as Lamar Brooks, a 33-year-old resident of Bartow, Florida, locked horns with his estranged friend, Cameron Brewer, reportedly over a contentious sum of money while enjoying a riveting game night at the Florida-based gaming property. Added to the charged atmosphere of the casino, this disagreement poured into a nearby unidentified strip club.

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Later, in an adrenaline-charged burst of rage, Brooks allegedly escalated their argument, attempting to wreck Brewer’s car on a highway, as reported by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. His audaciousness didn’t stop at that. Back in their neighborhood – about 40 miles east of the casino – the situation took a deadly turn.

Amid the tranquility of neighborhood and under the fading pallor of the descending dusk, a violent spree of gunfire involving both men rattled the stillness, unsettling the residents dwelling in the vicinity. Brewer sought a momentary reprieve from the escalating tension to relieve himself in some bushes near his residence.

As he was thus engaged, Brooks, far from dissuaded, allegedly procured a semi-automatic rifle from an unknown source and audaciously advanced towards Brewer’s residence. Unleashing his wrath, Brooks is reported to have shot several bullets aimlessly into the ground.

Undeterred by the spray of bullets decimating his yard, Brewer, propelled by a survival instinct, dashed towards Brooks. The cold metallic muzzle of the rifle was then allegedly aimed at Brewer’s chest, and a series of seven to 10 shots filled the air, with Brooks at the trigger.

Summoning his remaining courage, Brewer managed to deflect the deadly weapon, retreating within the safety of his residence in the process. He returned armed with a .380 caliber Beretta firearm and a .45 caliber Hi-Point gun, allegedly firing two warning shots into the now-ravaged ground.

The counter gunfire seemingly caught Brooks by surprise, causing him to flee. He barricaded himself inside his residence, refusing to surrender despite the arrival of numerous sheriff’s deputies who swiftly encompassed his hideout. After close to an hour-long standoff, Brooks was finally coaxed into surrendering.

Charges against Brooks piled up in rapid succession: attempted second-degree homicide, tampering with evidence, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, felon in possession of a firearm, discharge of a firearm in a residential area, and resisting an officer without violence, as per WFLA.

With his charges set, the case is primed for turnover to local prosecutors. Brooks is yet to respond to the charges, but a verdict in favor of his guilt could pin him with substantial prison time.

The scope of Brewer’s involvement in the confrontation remains a point of speculation and it is currently unclear if any charges will be levied against him. Furthermore, the details regarding any potential injuries from the volatile altercations remain foggy.Adision to this. The authorities have yet to disclose the sum of money that ignited this ferocious sequence of events.

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