Future land development in Beaconsfield up for discussion


By Rhonda Massad

Beaconsfield is known for it’s active citizen participation and with land development on the block for discussion this is no exception. 

Angell Woods has always been a sensitive issue in Beaconsfield for more than 30 years, but with that piece of land permanently protected as conservation and nature park by the city of Montreal in 2015 there are still a few locations that can bring citizens out to make sure development suits their tastes.  Up for discussion are the future of spots like the former ESSO station, that was recently up for a zoning change that was refused by residents during a registry, Elm Plaza and The Lord Reading Yacht Club location whose lease with the city of Beaconsfield will end in 2018.

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A committee was formed in the new year consisting of residents, council and staff to hear what residents have to say.  On April 4, the Herb Linder Annex was crowded with people who wanted to express their desires for the future of their city.  There were several stations set up manned by resident committee members taking notes on what people said.  Next Monday, April 11, a more formal session will take place at City Hall where businesses, organizations and residents will have the opportunity to formally express their visions for land development in the city.

“This is first meeting I have attended,” resident Danielle Dubord said. “I am happy with the process, citizens that have something to say are being given a chance to do so.  The committee is made of different people so different views are represented.  I wish the Lord reading would go back to the citizens.  We do not have much access to the water front and I would like to see that accessible.”

According to the President of the Beaconsfield Citizen’s Association and committee member, Al Gardner he is also pleased with the process.

“Next week we hear from the residents in a more formal fashion,” Gardner explained.  “We tried to contact as many people as possible, we used the Contact, various email lists and some online media like the West Island Blog.  The electronic signs were used as well for the last few weeks.”