Furious Expulsion Sparks Shooting at Luxor Casino; Embezzlement Scandals Rock Nevada Gaming Industry


Unshaking a furious expulsion by security guards, an unidentified individual unleashed blatant fury, dispatching several rounds hurled at the refulgent glass doors of the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas at the break of dawn. According to the unfolding narrative, the character caused a scene of pandemonium before getting ejected by the resort-casino’s security personnel. While the sounds of shattered glass echoed through the heart of the gaming property, divine intervention saw to it that no one sustained injuries.

The disconcerting story took place at about 5 a.m. on Wednesday, leaving in its wake a barrage of questions and a considerable amount of property damage. Intriguingly, the authorities remained tight-lipped about damage estimates.

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Meanwhile, over in Elko, Nevada, the story was unfolding of an audacious act of stealing from one’s own workplace. Sara R. Brady, a bookkeeper from Roadhouse Casino, found herself on the wrong side of the law under allegations of embezzling in excess of $15,000 from the casino’s ATM. The self-appointed guardian of the ATM, Brady held exclusive authorization to refill it.

Her authority, however, didn’t safeguard her from the watchful eyes of the casino’s accountants. They unraveled that an insidious depletion of $3,000 to $4,000 was happening weekly over several successive weeks. The chicanery first came to light when the ATM, braced to hold $8,000, was found penniless.

Furthermore, records exhibited an inconsistency between the amounts instituted in four deposits and the sums Brady confirmed to have deposited. In this deceitful affair, April’s bank records demystified the mystery. In some, $15,640 had silently slipped away.

An unrelated yet concerning incident unfolded in Elko County as three Wendover Nugget employees were summoned under charges of embezzlement conspiracy, with one of them accepting a plea deal.

Away from Nevada and shifting scenes to Cincinnati, a disconcerting incidence of parental negligence manifested at the Hard Rock Casino. Kylie Pratt, a resident of Rushville, Indiana, faced a total of three counts of allegations for endangerment after her twin babies and a seven-year-old were found unsupervised in her car.

Captured on casino’s surveillance video, Pratt was unmasked to have driven to the casino, exited her vehicle, and sauntered away, leaving a car full of unsupervised children. Amid the unsettling revelation, a small sigh of relief – there were no reports of injuries inflicted upon the innocent young lives left unattended in the car.