Kiva Boutique in Pointe Claire village is all about fun, fashion and social conscience


by Rhonda Massad

Kiva Boutique in Pointe Claire village is all about fun and fashion. Well almost all. Owner Josee Madore has created a venue for ladies on the West Island to congregate and feel uplifted within her stylish boutique.

Last Thursday, March 23, Madore launched her expanded boutique with more than 100 women passing by throughout the day to help her celebrate her new commitment to providing exclusive yet affordable brands to the community.

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“When you visit the boutique you get a sense of belonging,” explained Pointe Claire resident, Janice Hillrich. “I love the clothes, shoes, and jewels, of course. But I like the kinship that I inevitably find while I am there. Conversations amongst the “girls” are always part of the experience.”


Madore not only offers a fun place to stop for a visit but also offers the kind of brands that have meaning to her.

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“I like my purchases to encourage Canadian manufacturers and designers,” she explained to West Island Blog in an interview during her martini party launch. “I want my customers to feel beautiful inside and out.”

At Kiva brands such as Yoga Jeans and jeane & jax are designed in Montreal by Montrealers. Jeane & jax is a vegan handbag line that encompasses the importance of cruelty-free fashion at an attainable price point. Yoga Jeans are 100% produced in Quebec and adhere to a philosophy to design jeans that make women of all ages, body shapes and walks of life feel confident, beautiful and sexy.

Drop by Kiva for a look at Madore’s newest finds or even host your birthday party at the shop. Kiva recently launched their online store for those who prefer to shop online. Visit for all the latest trends.

Kiva Pointe-Claire
15a Avenue Cartier
Pointe-Claire, Qc H9S 4R5