From China’s Greens to San Diego’s Streets: Pandas Yun Chuan & Xin Bao Embark on Journey


Two majestic giant pandas, Yun Chuan and Xin Bao, have begun their long journey from the lush green landscapes of China to the bustling city of San Diego in the United States. They are set to become prominent residents at the highly esteemed San Diego Zoo, where they will be meticulously cared for under an enduring conservation alliance between China and the United States.

In China, with the grand spires of the Bifengxia Panda Base as a backdrop, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance officials, accompanied by their Chinese counterparts, bid a heartfelt goodbye to these noble creatures during an elaborate farewell ceremony. A vibrant tableau of cultural performances painted the air with excitement while video messages of goodwill relayed between American and Chinese students added a layer of warmth to the momentous occasion.

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As the jubilations slowly subsided, a poignant gift exchange among the conservation partners symbolized the resilient bond forged in the fires of shared commitment to preserving wildlife. Leaving behind familiar Chinese grounds, Yun Chuan and Xin Bao embarked on the first leg of their journey, charting a course towards the golden state of California.

“This departure ceremony is much more than a goodbye. It embodies the spirit of cooperation between our nations. Our partnership with the China Wildlife Conservation Association has been the cornerstone of countless strides made in the conservation of giant pandas. We enthusiastically anticipate the continuation of this joint quest to perpetuate the survival of this cherished species,” remarked Paul Baribault, the president of the wildlife alliance.

There’s a sense of anticipation prevailing in San Diego as word of the panda duo’s impending arrival spreads. However, eager patrons may need to exercise patience before they can catch a glimpse of the pandas, as officials underscored the arrival process may extend for several weeks.

The about-to-be new residents of the San Diego Zoo, Yun Chuan and Xin Bao, both have endearing temperaments that promise to charm their American visitors. Yun Chuan, an almost 5-year-old male, already holds connections to California. His mother, Zhen Zhen, was born at the same zoo to legendary panda parents, Bai Yun and Gao Gao, in 2007.

Xin Bao, though nearly a year younger, is no less captivating. This female panda is noted for her round-faced charm neatly complemented by a pair of prominent ears that lend her a distinctive look. Her reported gentle demeanor and witty introversion have endeared her to many in China, a sentiment that will potentially resonate with her new-found audience in the U.S.

Marking close to three decades, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, in concert with top-notch conservation institutions in China, has assiduously facilitated programs designed to protect and rehabilitate not just the giant pandas but also the bamboo forests – their natural habitats. The impending arrival of Yun Chuan and Xin Bao offers a heartwarming testament to the enduring success of these efforts.