Frog-Themed Meme Coin PEPE Leaps to New Highs, Outpaces Market Forecasts


In the fervor-filled world of cryptocurrency, the familiar thrill rings again as yet another meme coin captures the limelight, this time with a friendly frog as its motif. PEPE, a token wallpapered with the Internet’s favorite amphibian, has seen its significance soar in recent weeks. Such sudden ascents leave investors straddling the fence, pondering whether this will go down as a landmark event or just another blip on the crypto radar.

Over the last four weeks, PEPE has been sweeping investments akin to a tornado, outstripping forecasts and forming a lush green growth trail for its backers. The price soared to an all-time high, swelling over 100% within a mere 30-day period. This celestial ascent turned every PEPE holder into a virtual Midas, as IntoTheBlock data unveiled an astounding 97% of them swimming in the sea of profits.

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CoinGecko figures confirm that PEPE’s clout has climbed 56% in the past seven days and a remarkable 99% over the last month, thereby reclaiming its bronze medal in meme coin rankings by market capitalization, toppling Dogwifhat(WIF) off the podium.

The relentless bullish tide seemingly hasn’t exhausted its energy. The previous 24-hour cycle witnessed a further elevation of 3.7%, thrusting PEPE onto a newer and loftier peak. This outstanding display has garnered substantial attention not only from the financial scope but also in the buzzing world of social media. The mushrooming social volume of the coin signals an upsurge in its digital footprints and internet conversations about it.

Adding to this eventful saga, a market behemoth referred to as a ‘whale’ in crypto world has been spotted engaging in monumental transactions. Lookonchain, a blockchain analytics platform, recently reported a colossal withdrawal of 500 billion PEPE from Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange. This massive accumulation insinuates a bullish forecast for PEPE’s future on a whale-size scale.

This impressive uptick in price and the accompanying social media hype are positively encouraging. However, several market observers have sounded the alarm on potential overvaluation. A peaked-in study of technical indicators has unveiled brewing signs of a saturated market. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF), a measure of buying and selling pressure, has been on a downturn.

Further muddying the waters, the presence of contrasting market forces has been uncovered. While new investors join the sprint, a faction chooses to ride the wave and cash out while the going is good. According to Santiment, a crypto analytics platform, a spike in PEPE’s exchange outflow last week pointed towards increasing purchase pressure, but a simultaneous rise in the token’s supply on exchanges implied a faction of its investors might be capitalizing on the high price to sell.

NewsBTC scoured through PEPE’s daily chart to assess the fallout of this potential sell-off. They forecast that the price might first dip to $0.0000122 before finding a respite and spur another bull run. A deeper slip could see PEPE dive to $0.000010 or even lower.

Despite these odds, PEPE has maintained its position as one of the most sought-after cryptocurrency assets in recent times. Trading data from Binance asserts that only BNB Coin(BNB), Bitcoin(BTC), and Ethereum(ETH) outpaced it over the previous day. Even among meme coins, Pepe continues to be a front-runner, outpacing popular coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE), Floki (FLOKI) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).