Freshman Navigates University Life: Balancing Academics, Finances and Socializing


Kirthigan, about to embark on a new journey on the path of higher education, faces an opportunity that many of them refer to as the best time of your life. However, with aspirations to make social connections, balance finances, manage work demands and take care of his mental health, the anticipation is overwhelming.

“I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of making new friends,” admits Kirthigan, a first-year student. “Despite the thrill of the upcoming journey, the task of creating new bonds seems daunting,” the 19-year-old freshman admits.

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Kirthigan, who is preparing for his maiden year at the university, goes on to share, “Surprisingly, a lot of advice has come my way through TikTok, which emphasizes the importance of owning an air fryer.”

Seeking to provide support and wisdom for Kirthigan’s journey ahead, three experienced students disseminate their top survival tips for an exhilarating first year.

The early days of university, for most, represent a new chapter of independence. These days often entail copious socializing and late-night festivities, which can come with their own set of repercussions. Kirthana, Kirthigan’s elder sister who’s preparing for her third year at university, cautions, “The so-called Freshers’ Flu is something first years should brace themselves for, as a common healthcare challenge faced by most.”

Kirthana encourages joining numerous societies as a way to establish bonds and enhance self-confidence. According to her, “These societies often act as a home away from home, a platform for building community and celebrating shared cultures.”

Universities’ social spheres are diverse and robust, and Dalveen, a recent university graduate, agrees that joining societies and extensive socializing is crucial in navigating Freshers’ Week. However, she warns Kirthigan of overindulging in alcohol consumption.

“One often overestimates their budget during Freshers’ Week due to the frequency of social engagements,” she comments, reflecting on her own experiences of overspending during her early days at university.

Another crucial aspect of university life, as outlined by Kirthana and Pria, is personal finance management. They purport the need for practical investments like good quality Tupperware to avoid the cost of daily meals on campus.

Talking about academic and social balance, Kirthigan admits, “I have a propensity for distractions, and I need to allocate dedicated time for academic focus.”

Pria suggests setting timers for uninterrupted study periods while noting the struggle that comes with managing university work and social commitments. Similar struggles are echoed by Kirthana, who sometimes has difficulty making time for self-care but also emphasizes its importance.

Discussing the emotional terrain of being a student, Kirthana and Dalveen share their experiences of loneliness and isolation. They stress the importance of honesty, socialization, and openness about feelings to mitigate the challenges university life can pose.

As the journey of self-discovery called ‘university’ commences, it’s imperative to remember that every challenge faced herein is a stepping stone towards growth. The quest for balanced living is ongoing, but the tools, advice, and experiences shared by Kirthigan’s senior university companions provide a compass to navigate these uncharted territories.

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