Free summer programming for teens at the West Island YMCA


Every day, youths aged 12-17 years old visit the West Island YMCA to access the Teen Zone’s safe, drug-free and supervised environment. Besides being a drop in centre, teens also have access to  a wide variety of structured activities during the school year such as help with homework, cooking, open gym, and game nights.

The young people who regularly attend the centre feel that it is not only a space to hang out, but a place where they have found a second family. They feel a sense of ownership over the centre and many have developed strong friendships and new skills through program involvement.

I love the Teen Zone. It is really friendly and the staff are great, they always find solutions to our problems. Every day I get to meet people and get to do things like cooking. That’s my favourite. This place has changed me. I used to be angry, but now I have the Teen Zone and that makes me super happy. They are my second family. – Regina (12 years old)

Beginning June 26th, the Teen Zone will offer a nine-week summer program aimed at providing the communities’ youth the opportunity to engage in new activities, get moving and meet new people. Activities include swimming, open gym, art, boxing, guitar and outings such as Waterslides, Planetarium, Skytag and much more.

Membership is free, the only charges are for a portion of the outing costs.

For more information regarding the schedule, please contact Allison Russell at 514-630-9864 ext.5208 or email or Michael Dorado at 514-630-9864 ext.5213 or



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