Four Toronto Restaurants Join Elite Ranks in Michelin Guide as Bib Gourmands


In the newest display of culinary distinction, four Toronto restaurants have been graced with the honor of inclusion in the Michelin Guide. Revered for their superb yet affordable gastronomical offerings, these dining establishments have secured their status as Bib Gourmands, a prestigious endorsement that Michelin defines as being “neither quite a star nor merely a consolation prize”. This recognition is awarded to superior quality eating establishments that cater to patrons with a meal consisting of two courses and either a glass of wine or dessert, all underneath the price point of $60.

The distinguished quartet of Toronto eateries comprises of BB’s, Sunny’s Chinese, Tiflisi, and White Lily Diner, each set to see their spot graced in the lineup of Bib Gourmand restaurants in Toronto. Gwendal Poullennec, Michelin’s international director, expressed elicited excitement with the announcement, declaring, “The anonymous inspectors were lavishly enamoured by the creative and palatable dishes churned out by these venues, as well as the value for money and overall dining experience they offer.”

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Representing a gourmet mix of food cultures, from Filipino to Chinese, included in these latest additions is a nostalgic diner known for dishing out house-smoked bacon during the first meal of the day.

The recent pronouncement is symbolic as it comes on the heels of Michelin’s unveiling of 12 new establishments set for inclusion in the Michelin Guide 2023 – a list that now also accommodates the four Bib Gourmands recently revealed. In the executioner’s block are esteemed dining locales like Alder, FK, Kiin, and Vela.

Just a year ago, Michelin debuted its inaugural guide for Toronto, with the city becoming the first Canadian entrant in the famed list. Not long after, Vancouver secured its place in the prestigious guide.

Toronto’s vibrant food scene was massively felt as seventy-four of its venues secured the coveted recognition in the 2022 guide, with cuisines ranging over 27 distinct styles. Only one establishment, Sushi Masaki Saito – situated on Avenue Road in Yorkville – managed to earn a double-star Michelin rating. In total, seventeen eateries were enshrined onto the rosters of the Bib Gourmand list.

The culinary world keenly awaits the September 27th ceremony when the full, officially sanctioned Michelin Guide for Toronto 2023 will be unfurled to the public.