Four Reasons to Consider a Life Celebration Instead of a Funeral


The new catchphrase in the funeral industry is what everyone refers to as a ‘Life Celebration’. But, what exactly is it? Is it just a reception after a funeral, or is it an entirely different occasion? And why bother?

A recent survey of attendees at Montreal’s first Salon de la Mort event a few weeks ago reflected on the topic.

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Most agreed that today, people are looking for something different. They said that those who are choosing cremation are also choosing celebration and that most were looking for a new, more modern and personalized way to honour loved ones. Some want an untraditional uplifting event and others want a mixture; a traditional church ceremony followed by a life honouring celebration.

The one thing everyone did agree on is that they didn’t want their families to be grief-stricken and sad at their passing. Rather they hoped that their loved ones could treasure time spent together.

Of those surveyed, a common thread of thought was that a Life Celebration held at a location meaningful to the family would make them feel better because of its personalization, flexibility and upbeat nature in being held at a location dear to the deceased. They said that they felt good knowing that those who attended their goodbye event would enjoy the memories brought forward through a sharing of their life story.

Everyone agreed that grieving the loss of someone with a comforting event offers a positive way to begin healing. In general, the conclusions drawn from this crowd was that they were ready to embrace a positive, upbeat event that was different.

Here are four reasons to choose a Life Celebration instead of a funeral:

#1       IT’S MODERN

With technology, and through innovative ideas for venue, decor and more, a Life Celebration is inventive. By highlighting passions, accomplishments and distinctiveness, family and friends can truly enjoy the commemoration.

#2       IT’S FLEXIBLE

A Life Celebration can happen any time that family and friends can come together. There is no rush to host it the same week as a death, as is typical of funerals. The important thing is to say goodbye in a way that is reflective of the deceased.

#3       IT’S UNIQUE

Unlike a typical, one-size-fits-all funeral, an alaVida Life Celebration is usually creative and customized to reflect the desires of the deceased and their family. From venue and décor to menu selection, music and mementos, every detail counts to make it exceptional.

#4       IT’S JOYOUS

The major distinction between an alaVida event and a typical life celebration held in a funeral home is that alaVida designs Beautiful Goodbyeevents that are joyous, interactive and inventive.


Thanks to the custom decor (the buffet filled with white flowers reflected the deceased’s home, the upbeat Gospel music (the deceased teased that she wanted happy music at her funeral) and the sun-drenched penthouse venue (the deceased wished for light) the ambiance that was created for this Beautiful Goodbye™ was welcoming, beautiful, and cheerful.