The venerable patriarch of the Forrest family, Donald Forrest, aged 95, took his last breath in the cocoon of love, enveloped by his beloved family, at Minderoo station; the ancestral home possessing a heritage of over four generations. The dawn of Sunday brought with it the inevitable, taking the painstaking toll upon the Forrest family’s heartstrings, their loss profound and incalculable.

In the tranquil serenity of the night, the elder Forrest’s life journey ceased. His obituary tenderly captured the moment, explicitly stating that he bid adieu to this world in peaceful slumber, whilst enveloped in the place he held dear, amongst his cherished ones.

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Minderoo station has a historical witness of endurance against mother nature’s whims. Over four preceding generations of Forrest’s persisted against calamitous droughts and mounting debts. The unyielding strain ultimately forced the family to relinquish its heritage in 1998. However, the station’s tale of survival is incomplete without mentioning the prodigal son, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest. In 2009, the Australian billionaire redeemed his father’s lost treasure, purchasing the cattle station back for an impressive sum of $12 million.

Left to mourn their irreplaceable patriarch are his spouse, Marie, sons, David and Andrew, and his precious daughter, Jane. Donald’s demise marks a poignant chapter in the books of everyone with the good fortune of knowing him. The obituary notably salutes his extensive lifespan of 95 years by acknowledging, “He goes with the love, deep affection and enduring memories of all those whose lives his 95-year history has embraced.”

In the broader community, his life is not just to be mourned but celebrated, with a fitting memorial service planned in Perth inviting all whose lives were touched by him. His ancestral abode of Minderoo station will be the bearer of this tribute, scheduled for Sunday, the first day of October.

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