Formula 1 Launches Massive Arcade Experience at Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace


By the upcoming year, the illustrious Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, are set to witness the launch of Formula 1’s F1 Arcade Experience in all its glory. Occupying a colossal 21,000 square feet of space, this state-of-the-art gaming hub is strategically positioned in a storefront with a captivating view of the Strip. Spread across two sprawling floors, it will be a paradise for gaming enthusiasts promising thrilling, heart-racing experiences with the inclusion of full-motion racing simulators.

To complement the simulated driving experience, a whopping 41-foot long bar would grace the arena. Serving a delectable blend of upscale bar food, along with finely crafted champagne cocktails, the F1 Arcade would provide a remarkable treat to the senses. An interesting amenity mentioned by the F1 Arcade Boston employee (where the first US outlet of this franchise has been operational since April) is the convenience of having cup holders on the machines, thus providing unobstructed gaming.

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Unfortunately, the much-anticipated F1 Arcade in Las Vegas will not be ready by the time of this year’s Las Vegas Grand Prix. This mega event scheduled to engulf and momentarily cease the buzz of the Strip from Nov. 21-23, could have given the F1 Arcade an excellent opportunity for an enviable debut. Nevertheless, Las Vegas can still boast of hosting the grandest US location of the arcade, outmatching the other two franchises in size by a margin of at least 2,000 square feet each.

The F1 Arcade is more than just a gaming hub. It offers its guests a fascinating prospect to create their unique driver profiles and accrue points. The garnered points would later be redeemable for a choice selection of merchandise or other delightful experiences, as per a press release from Formula 1.

The eminent hospitality firm, Kindred Concepts, will be managing the operations of the F1 Arcade while enjoying the backing of substantial investment and licensing courtesy of Formula 1’s parent company, Liberty Media.

Looking back, the first and flagship F1 Arcade was launched in London in 2022, and it only fits that Caesar’s Palace plays host to the US edition. The European racing company shares a rich and intimate history with Caesar’s Palace, which was actually the venue for the inaugural F1 race in Las Vegas. Fondly remembered as Caesar’s Palace Grand Prix, this historic event unfurled under the prestigious F1 banner and was staged in consecutive years – 1981 and 1982. As such, it’s clear that this upcoming venture reverberates with the echoes of a storied past and promises a riveting encounter for its future guests.