Former PM Brown Calls for Climate Tax on Oil-Rich Nations


In a resounding condemnation of the global communities’ stance on climate change, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown alleged that commitments towards reducing carbon footprints were significantly inadequate. Brown proposed a radical solution, suggesting countries topping the ranks in petroleum wealth be subjected to an international windfall tax. This, he argued, would fund poorer nations’ combat against climate imbalances.

Among the beneficiaries of a perceived ‘oil lottery’, Brown listed jurisdictions such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Norway. These nations experienced a windfall from unprecedented increases in oil prices. The proposal stipulates a levy of $25bn, earmarked to bolster the prospects for an accord on creating a climate fund for economically strapped nations.

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Brown’s suggestions arrive ahead of the impending COP28 summit in Dubai this November. The urgency of co-ordinated global action against climate change was underscored by Secretary General Antonio Guterres during last week’s Climate Ambition Summit at the United Nations. He asserted that global leaders’ attempts at reigning in carbon emissions were woefully insufficient and called for the world’s largest polluters to consent to a climate solidarity act.

Brown maintained that his plan could avert a deadlock and possible rupture at the upcoming UAE-hosted COP28. He highlighted that petro-states had witnessed prideful earnings from the recent surge in oil prices, which led to an income so substantial that it surpassed the entire GDP of the United Kingdom.

His calculation that the highest oil revenue states contribute 3% of their export revenues towards the climate fund equals to $25bn. Brown emphasized that “it is the very least they could do,” suggesting that this move could offer a much-needed ray of hope to countries suffering from crises.

Though his official duties lie in diverse areas such as global education and health financing, Brown’s plea for action against climate change underlines the interconnectedness of these issues. “The consequences of such a grand gesture would be immense,” he asserted, painting a picture of a shared global effort to restore both the planet and faith in international collaboration.

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