Former Nova Scotia Band Director Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges


A former band director of advanced years and a frequent middle-school volunteer has been formally indicted on multiple instances of sexual misconduct involving a minor, divulged the RCMP based in Nova Scotia this past Thursday.

Lorna Elaine Letcher, a sixty-five-year-old woman, was taken into custody earlier this week by the regional law enforcement arm of the Colchester County District. Letcher is facing a serious array of charges, including three instances of sexual assault as well as three counts of sexual exploitation. These offenses are alleged to have occurred in the span between the years 2005 to 2007.

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On the last week of August, a person who has survived the harrowing ordeal has shown immense courage by stepping forward to share their traumatic experience. The individual claimed to have been sexually offended by the former band director during their time at Cobequid Educational Centre—an academic institution of high school status based in Truro. The survivor was reported to be underage during the time these incidents are believed to have transpired.

The RCMP revealed that Letcher has been known to volunteer her services at the Redcliff Middle School. Additionally, she has a history of offering music lessons from her private residence in the past.

Letcher was set free under certain conditions which dictate a strict no-contact policy with any individuals below the age of eighteen. Her court hearing is set in the upcoming month, in the provincial court of Truro, scheduled for the 25th of October, sharp at 9:30 in the morning.

Investigators involved in the case currently maintain a belief that there could potentially be additional survivors of Letcher’s alleged abusive actions. They assure that any individual who endured such incidents can approach the police and have a confidential discussion about their experience prior to making a decision about their active participation in the ongoing investigation and subsequent court proceedings, as detailed in a statement released by the RCMP on the previous Thursday.