Former MGM President Admits to Illegal Betting Ties


In a sobering development within the gaming industry, Scott Sibella, previously at the helm of Resorts World Las Vegas, has admitted guilt to charges set before him in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. This admission on Wednesday could potentially result in a five-year prison sentence and amass up to $250,000 in fines.

The incriminating activities took root during Sibella’s tenure as president of the MGM Grand from the period of 2010 to 2019. Notably, it was during these years that Sibella allegedly extended courtesies to Wayne Nix, a former minor league baseball player. Despite Nix being recognized by Sibella for steering an illegal sports-betting operation, he was permitted to actively gamble at Sibella’s casino, thereby flouting stringent anti-money-laundering norms.

A remorseful Sibella, in a candid admission to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, articulated his acceptance of the investigation’s outcomes, identifying his own role, albeit clarifying that no action on his part was driven by self-interest.

Accompanying Sibella’s personal ramifications, the MGM Grand, along with the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas—a property embraced by MGM Resorts in the previous year—have consented to settle $7.5 million in penalties, which are intricately linked to the illicit activities orchestrated by Nix.

Nix, whose visual identity seems frozen in time to a 1999 baseball card, helmed a betting syndicate with nearly two decades of operations, cleverly enlisting ex-professional athletes as operatives. His clientele purportedly included active participants from the NFL and MLB leagues. The dynamic between Nix and Sibella apparently proved fertile ground for the illegal venture’s escalation, as highlighted by prosecutors.

Detailed in the plea agreement are the accommodations and leisure opportunities granted to Nix, ranging from complimentary hotel stays to golf excursions with industry elite, spanning from August 2017 to February 2019. It was throughout these engagements that Nix was able to court and cultivate a new demographic of sports wagers.

Nix, confronting a potential eight-year incarceration for his admittance to conspiracy and tax falsehoods, awaits sentencing in early March.

As Sibella turns to confront the justice phase of these events, his resolve to remain linked to the casino sector remains undiminished. His correspondence shared with the Review-Journal echoes a forward-looking spirit, keen on contributing his accrued expertise towards the enhancement and maturation of the gaming domain.

Appointed by the Genting Group in 2019, Sibella navigated the finalization of the ambitious $4.3 billion Resorts World undertaking, ingratiating brand powerhouses such as Hilton, Conrad, and Crockfords into the fold, thereby leveraging their vast consumer databases.

The unraveling of Sibella’s role came abruptly in September 2023, a mere three days following his disclosure to Genting executives of the unfolding Justice Department probe. Resorts World, at that juncture, parted ways with Sibella, citing a breach of company guidelines and the stipulations of his employment agreement. His professional path prior to this entailed leadership stints at The Mirage, Treasure Island, Tropicana, and the Golden Nugget.

As we reflect on the implications of this story within the broader universe of gaming and entertainment, it serves as a poignant reminder that the choices and actions taken by executives reverberate beyond the glittering lights and the sound of slot machines. It’s an industry that, like any other, is bound by laws and ethics that must be adhered to.

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