Former Memphis Grizzlies Player Facing Charges of Illegal Gambling in His Tennessee Home


Former NBA player Antonio Burks faces several charges connecting him to illegal gambling in his Memphis home.

Local police raided Burks’ home last month and discovered gambling items that included Chips, cards, poker tables, ledgers, and also a placard stating “Burks Poker Palace Rules.”

According to Daily Memphian, Burks, 41, appeared in Tennessee court earlier this week, where he was charged with aggravating and promoting gambling and also having gambling devices.

The residence is alleged to have hosted poker games twice a week, most on Tuesday and Sunday nights. Burks was released from custody after paying a $1, 000 bond. He will appear on 24 August for the next court hearing.

Burks once played for the Grizzlies basketball team in early 2000 where he served as a point guard. While in college, he played for the University of Memphis. Burks has also played pro basketball in European countries that include Serbia and Bulgaria.

This is not the first time Burks will be facing charges. In 2010, he was locked in jail for two days for driving on a suspended license. Later in 2015, reports indicated to have been charged with domestic violence.


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