Former Manitoba Chiefs Leader Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit


A former principal leader of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), Arlen Dumas, finds himself in legal turmoil as he is besieged by a sexual assault lawsuit brought forward by a woman. She alleges that Dumas sexually violated her multiple times.

The suit was lodged on the 30th of August at The Court of King’s Bench, in which it is stated that the woman experienced at least eight incidents of alleged sexual assault. The events took place between January and March 2022 during her tenure at the AMC.

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The confident anonymity of the woman is maintained due to the sensitive nature of the accusations. However, it is worth noting that none of the allegations have been judicially substantiated.

The complainant was appointed as the interim executive director of the AMC during her term and was under the direct management of Dumas. It is reported in the lawsuit that Dumas fostered a distinctly hostile and inapt environment for her at the workplace.

Reportedly, unsolicited texts often arrived from Dumas during late hours along with unwelcome remarks about her physical attributes. Furthermore, the woman recalled that Dumas frequently suggested evening dinner meetings, propositions she typically sidestepped due to a burgeoning discomfort.

In one instance, as stated in the lawsuit, she did join Dumas for dinner, post which she was invited back to his apartment for television. Albeit momentarily, she agreed to remain. Upon her deciding to leave following the television program, the suit alleges that Dumas pursued her to the door, where he attempted to kiss her after seizing her waist.

Another encounter described in the lawsuit details an instance when the plaintiff found herself inebriated during an night out. In a state of disarray, she called Dumas to escort her home. The lawsuit posits that her recollection of the subsequent events is vague. She awoke the following day, discovering herself nude in Dumas’ bedroom.

According to the suit, as she awakened, she alleges that Dumas overpowered her, forcibly undressed her and sexually invaded her. She recalls the ordeal with vivid terror, claiming that the application of pressure on her neck nearly rendered her unconscious.

It is further alleged in the suit that she succumbed to forced sexual encounters with Dumas on four occasions. She states that due to Dumas’s powerful position within the organization, she felt unable to decline his advances. She did not, however, offer consent to any of the uninvited sexual engagements.

In March 2022, she officially communicated her plight to the AMC, revealing herself as a victim of sexual molestation, leading to Dumas’ suspension while an investigation was convened. Upon conclusion of the independent investigation, the AMC, in August 2022, decided to relieve Dumas of his title as the grand chief. The examination concluded with findings that evidenced Dumas’ engagement in workplace sexual harassment.

Now, she pursues recompense and is demanding a settlement of $426,000 in damages. Communications have been forwarded to his legal council for remarks. Similarly, inquiries have been made whether a criminal investigation pertaining to Dumas is underway within the Winnipeg police, but no comments have been provided at present.