Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease


A titan in London’s political arena for many years, Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease as revealed by his family. In his retirement, he is reportedly leading a private life, well-supported by his loved ones and close friends.

Elected as London’s inaugural mayor, Livingstone spearheaded the city for eight consequent years, commencing in 2000. His association with the Labour Party, however, culminated in 2018 when he faced allegations of anti-Semitism that he fervently rebutted.

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The statement issued by his family read as follows, “Answering to media requests, we, the Livingstone family, are sharing that Ken Livingstone, previous MP for Brent and one-time mayor of London, is living with Alzheimer’s disease. Once a public personality of great consequence, Ken is currently retired and leading a secluded life. Ken’s welfare is efficiently looked after by his family and friends. We solicit your understanding and request you to respect the privacy of Ken, as well as our family.”

Alzheimer’s, the most prevalent cause of dementia in the UK, is a physical illness that impacts and progressively damages the brain, as per clarification by Alzheimer’s Society charity.

Livingstone, aged 78, has significantly withdrawn from public life lately, yet he had been a conspicuous figure in London’s politics, influencing more than four decades from the 1970s. Infamously called ‘Red Ken’, he was an incessant irritant to Margaret Thatcher’s Tories as well as Tony Blair’s New Labour.

Upon the inception of the influential mayoral position of London, Livingstone, challenging as an independent, became the first to secure the role. In his second term, which he won as the official Labour candidate, he garnered recognition for his assertive defence of London post the July 2005 suicide bombings and his instrumental role in securing London’s successful bid for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Though he lost his control of City Hall in 2008 to Boris Johnson and a futile attempt at office return in 2012 signaled the cessation of his electoral aspirations. His twilight years were clouded by numerous allegations of anti-Semitism, leading to his exit from the Labour Party in 2018.

These allegations primarily stemmed from his contentious statements claiming Adolf Hitler’s support for Zionism in the 1930s, a controversy that initially led to his suspension from the organization in 2016. Livingstone, till date, refuses to acknowledge guilt on the charges of anti-Semitism or damaging the reputation of the Labour Party.