Former Barrie Restaurant Manager Sentenced to Seven Years for Sexual Crimes Against Minors


Stephen Lemmond, previously a manager at a Barrie restaurant, has been sentenced to a seven-year confinement for sexual offenses against girls he employed, including four minors.

As victims departed the Barrie Courthouse in the aftermath of the sentencing, one in a tone of resignation said, “I don’t think it will ever be sufficient.” Echoing this sentiment, her mother insisted the punishment should be harsher. She asserted, “These girls face years of psychological fallout from what they suffered. And that doesn’t disappear simply because 87 months have passed.”

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Lemmond oversaw operations at two Subway restaurants located on Yonge Street and Minet’s Point Road in south Barrie. The establishments, then owned by his parents, have since been transferred to new ownership.

Standing at 49, Lemmond has conceded guilt to four charges of sexual assault, abusive conduct, and sexual exploitation. The complaints sprang from six victims who reached out to law enforcement, each recounting similar tales of protracted abuse.

A victim giving her reactions revealed her mixed feelings, anger, and sadness topping the list. She bemoaned the fact it persisted for too long, causing more victims than necessary. Yet, she expressed relief that it had been recognized that Lemmond should be incarcerated. “And I hope he never has to walk free again. I hope he never sees the outside of those walls.”

Lemmond’s intimidation tactics came to light as numerous victims confessed how he had threatened them with his connections to dangerous individuals if they chose to speak out, and even reportedly attempted to coax some into signing consent forms.

Describing her ongoing state of fear since the incident, another victim said, “He inflicted pain on me and my family, but knowing that he is locked away provides a modicum of peace. Yet, I will be constantly vigilant in the future about whom I trust, particularly men.”

Presenting a sobering conclusion, Lemmond’s defense attorney Andrew Perrin stated, “This has been a strenuous and gravely serious journey. My hope is that everyone who suffered begins their healing process.”