Former A-League Boss Danny Townsend Takes Charge as SRL Sports Investments CEO


In a pivotal move within the global sports industry, previous A-league boss Danny Townsend ascends to his newfound role as the chief executive of SRL Sports Investments. SRL, residing in Saudi Arabia, is a flourishing enterprise backed by a myriad of funding, predominantly via the Middle East nation’s affluent Public Investment Fund.

Just a week ago, the rumors surrounding Townsend’s departure as the Chief Executive from the Australian Professional League were solidified. He has now undertaken a substantial position within a firm widely recognized as an emergent frontrunner in sports investments across both the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.

As chief executive, Townsend is set to spearhead SRL’s “strategic direction”. His vital role in fostering the company’s expansion within the domestic and international sports investment sector cannot be understated. Concurrently, the Public Investment Fund continues to expand its dominion in the space of sports through paramount sponsorships, including LIV Golf and potential merger deals with the US PGA Tour.

Embodying a contagious spirit of ambition, Townsend reflects, “The privilege of fortifying the robust fundamentals of SRJ while exploring stimulating opportunities to amplify fan engagement, propel sports participation, and unveil transformative prospects in the region and beyond, is truly thrilling.”

He adds, “The pace at which Saudi Arabia’s sports sector is expanding is palpable. I eagerly anticipate integrating within a team that harnesses such boundless ambition, centered on conceiving novel experiences that can be savored both on home soil and abroad, thereby delivering undeniable value to all stakeholders.”

Bander Bin Mogren, chairman of SRL, welcomes the esteemed addition to the team, expressing, “We couldn’t be happier to usher in Danny as the CEO at SRJ Sports Investments. His remarkable legacy in the global sports arena renders him a robust leader. His tactical prowess will be instrumental in propelling SRJ’s ambitions to effectuate long-term impacts through strategic and sustainable investments. The board of directors holds unwavering confidence in Danny’s leadership and strategic vision. We eagerly look forward to the monumental successes we will undoubtedly achieve under his guidance.”


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