Forgery Scandal Shakes Elvis Presley’s Graceland, Historic Home Saved


In the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, the historic home of the ‘King of Rock ‘n Roll’, Elvis Presley, teetered on the edge of disaster, only to be saved by a little bit of ink and a great deal of courage. Bart Baggett, a renowned Los Angeles-based handwriting expert, has assured the world that Graceland, the cherished residence of Elvis, is secure at least for now.

Recently, a $3.8 million loan taken supposedly by Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of the King, using Graceland as collateral was making waves. Amidst the waves was the allegation that Lisa had defaulted on the loan. But Baggett swiftly pointed out that the pivotal signature—we’re talking about Lisa Marie’s—on the loan application was not genuine, but a forgery.

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As the details unraveled under Baggett’s sharp scrutiny, it was observed that the incriminating signature mirrored perfectly the one appeared on the deed of trust – both bizarrely and mathematically identical. A feat Baggett wryly pointed out is scientifically impossible.

Lisa Marie, who transitioned to a different realm in early 2023, inherited the legendary 13-acre spread when she turned 25. The inheritance included the meticulously maintained estate, complete with a museum poised to educate and fascinate generations to come.
Following Lisa Marie’s departure, the property passed on to her daughter, acclaimed actress Riley Keough, held under the safety of a trust.

A foreclosure auction threatened to bulldoze the calm setting of Graceland, however, Keough wasted no time in filing a civil lawsuit, and thankfully procured a temporary halt to the proceedings. Forged signatures, she declared, were the real criminals aiming to tarnish the tranquility of Graceland.

Siding with Keough, Baggett’s expert eye reiterated, “when two signatures are identical, they can’t be authentic because no one in the world has the ability to sign their name exactly the same way twice, let alone three times.”

The antagonists in this tale, Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC, owned by financier Kurt Naussany, confidently posted a public notice for a foreclosure sale on Graceland. Justifying their audacity, they stated unpaid loans by Lisa Marie.

In response, Keough asked a pointed question in her lawsuit. She denied any monetary dealings with the so-called Naussany Investments, and brazenly claimed it to be a fictional entity. Bolstering her claim, she revealed a potential witness—a notary—who never once encountered Lisa Marie or officiated any of her documents.

Baggett, ever the unbiased expert, did not complete his part in the controversial story without first examining the notary’s signatures in question. He affirmed that these had marked differences with genuine samples.

Now in the aftermath, this audacious fraud attempt on Graceland is poised to be the epicenter of multiple criminal investigations. Baggett, the owner of Handwriting Experts, Inc., and a seasoned participant in high-stake handwriting-related controversies, adds another intriguing chapter in his two-decade-long career.