Ford Proposes 25% Wage Increase, Paving Way for EV Production Shift in Canada


Ford Motor has proposed substantial wage increases of up to 25% in a tentative agreement presented to Canadian union Unifor, as per a statement issued by the union last Saturday.

The current proposal entails a wage hike of 10% in the first year, escalating to 2% and 3% throughout the subsequent two years. Additionally, a $10,000 productivity and quality bonus will be awarded to all employees under the company’s active roll. The agreement also includes an augmentation in the basic monthly benefit and special allowance applicable for all class codes across defined benefit and hybrid pension plans. Furthermore, investments will be made to facilitate the shift from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle production to electric vehicle (EV) assembly facilities.

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The Ford leadership group of Unifor, which represents approximately 5,600 Canadian autoworkers, has elected in unanimity to support this tentative agreement.

Simultaneously, Ford is navigating contract negotiations in the U.S amidst strike actions by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union in the company’s Wayne, Michigan assembly plant. Recently expanding the strike to 38 parts distribution centres across the U.S, the UAW has introduced around 5,600 new workers to the existing pool of 12,700 workers already involved in the strike.

Despite an improved contractual agreement from Ford that featured enhanced profit sharing terms, the UAW has expressed ‘serious issues’ with Ford’s offerings. Therefore, they have confirmed that workers will continue their strike at the Wayne assembly plant.

Interestingly, Unifor utilizes a bargaining strategy wherein it selects one manufacturing company to negotiate with initially. In this instance, Ford was chosen, setting the precedent for upcoming deals with other companies.

Domestic concerns are increasing as such variations of industrial actions could potentially affect production continuity and U.S. economic stability. Nevertheless, there remains significant American support for the striking autoworkers, as indicated by a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.

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