For Montrealers, this Year Easter Celebrations is all about Hoping for Better Days to Come


Just like last year, this Easter festive was marked by COVID-19 restrictions, but for devout Montrealers, they found a way to celebrate as they continue to hope for better Easters to come.

In a service that was also marked by people socially distanced in what usually is fully buzzing mass, Montreal Archbishop Christian Lepine said that people are tired and that some little gestures are essential.

“It’s the year of endurance. It’s been a long time, many months, a year now. People are tired, exhausted, so somehow small gestures of hope are important.”

Other people’s hope was in the city’s warming weather permitted outdoor celebrations and gatherings of mass. However, this Easter celebration was quite different from last year when a vaccine’s hope seems so far.

Quebecers have received over 1.5 million doses, and hundreds of thousands more are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks. However, that does not mean that the province is free from infections will be over according to infectious diseases expert Matthew Oughton.

“I think we’re probably going to see, unfortunately, a lot more cases happening not only in Montreal but probably other centers of Quebec before we get through this.”

Oughton also called a full lockdown as a measure to prevent transmission. He believes partial restrictions and partial lockdown is not an effective measure to end infections once and for all.

“If we wanted to really prevent transmission, we need to do proper, a full-on lockdown. We have done a series of what I would call partial restrictions, partial lockdowns. If we’re tired of this, let do this right. Let’s use the benefit of having gone through this for 14 months and use all the data we have to institute an effective measure, once and for all.”


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