Football Australia Bows Out of 2034 World Cup Bid, Eyes 2029 Club Tournament Instead


In an intricate dance of strategy and financial pragmatism, Football Australia has decisively opted out of the competition to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034, choosing instead to vie for the honor to stage an internationally-acclaimed club tournament in 2029. The 2034 World Cup has found its potential host in Saudi Arabia, backed by the Asian Football Confederation, leaving Football Australia to take a different, perhaps more nuanced approach.

Football Australia’s ambition to bring more major tournaments to its shores has been undeniably carved in stone by its intent to bid for the 2029 FIFA Club World Cup and the AFC Women’s Asian Cup in 2026. This comes as no surprise following the phenomenal success of the record-breaking FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia New Zealand 2023, which drew nearly two million spectators across both nations.

Their aspirations to host the FIFA World Cup, after close scrutiny of all influential factors, came to a halt, the fraternity choosing to pin their hopes on hosting the prestigious AFC Women’s Asian Cup in 2026 – the longest-running women’s international competition. Furthermore, they aim to serve as a welcoming stage for the globe’s premier football teams in the 2029 FIFA Club World Cup.

Football Australia aims to usher in an unparalleled ‘golden decade’ of Australian football, riding off the back of the Women’s World Cup in 2023 and coinciding with the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

Football is the very pulse of Australia, an accurate reflection of the nation’s sheer diversity. When it comes to hosting international football giant events, Australia boasts a healthy dose of opportunities for broadcasters, thanks to its convenient time zones, as well as being within a stone’s throw of billions of people across Oceania and Asia – a commercial outlook of promising strength.

The motivation of Football Australia is undeniable. Riding a wave of commitment to contribute positively to the growth and success of football, they aim to stake their claim, both locally and on the global stage as part of both AFC and FIFA. To FIFA and the eventual host of the 2034 World Cup, Football Australia extends heartfelt wishes for an event that uplifts football’s glory and captivates the hearts of every sport enthusiast.


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