Food gardens are trending to reduce carbon foot print


by Rhonda Massad

Eating local and growing your own food is a trend that has erupted in the past few years according to owner of Pointe Claire Nursery, Stephen Scheunert.

According to Scheunert sales have gone up for all products related to growing your own food. Urban Garden

“I see a trends towards food gardens,” the 32 year business owner told The Suburban in an interview.  “I think people like the fact they know where their food is coming from.”

“We need to reduce our foot print, eating locally and growing your own food saves on fuel amongst other things,” Scheunert believes.

On a recent trip to Nicaragua, Scheubert noticed almost every household had a few chickens, dried their laundry on the line and grew their own vegetables.

“We should learn from them. We are one of the biggest polluters in the world today. We can do better. We can produce our own food in the summer and winter.” he explained. “You can reproduce summer light conditions with LED lights. I guarantee you can produce your lettuce and your herbs.”

Scheunert promotes a new system of growing mushrooms on a log by Champignon Haute Laurentide invented by  Quebecers, Isabela Jatczak et Patrick Lemieux. Champignon Haute Laurentide

“The system is great for cooks who want fresh organic mushrooms such a blue oyster, pearls and shiitake on hand all the time.” Scheunert said. “Even an urbanite can grow them in a shady spot. You soak the log in water for 24 hours. Once you water it the mushrooms grow. It produces all summer long and it is great for the environment.”

Scheunert can be found at Pointe Claire Nursery, located in the Pointe Claire Plaza on Highway 20 and St. Jean Boulevard.


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