Fontainebleau Las Vegas: A Phoenix Rises Again


In the ever-changing tapestry of Las Vegas’ skyline, tales of grand designs and financial dismay are woven into its history with the meticulous care of a seasoned jeweler setting stones into a ring of fortune. Such a story belongs to the Fontainebleau Las Vegas, a tapestry thread that intertwines with another Vegas relic—the Landmark Hotel and Casino. Both properties share a saga of soaring ambitions marred by crippling financial hurdles.

The narrative began with Frank Caroll, a Kansas City property developer with a vision to erect an edifice as symbolic as the Space Needle had become for Seattle. His ambition led to the construction of the Landmark in 1961, destined as it seemed to pierce the Nevada skies and become a beacon of modernity. However, even the mightiest of structures can crumble under the weight of economic woes, and so too did the Landmark, as Caroll’s venture ground to an abrupt halt in 1962 when the well of financial resources ran dry.

For years, the skeleton of Caroll’s dream loomed over the Las Vegas desert, an incomplete titan frozen in time until a lifeline from the Teamsters Pension Fund materialized. Yet, even with renewed vigor and an infusion of capital, controversies and calamities followed, from violent outbursts to bankruptcy filings, leading the once-potent Landmark to an ignominious end.

The Fontainebleau Las Vegas, conceived in the prelude to economic tumult, mirrored the Landmark’s tumultuous story. Rising from the grounds of the historic Thunderbird Hotel and Casino, its own ascendancy promised a new era—until the winds of the Great Recession blew fiercely, shattering its progress and plunging the venture into financial disarray.

Like a fabled phoenix, both properties would find redemption through the hands of saviors who saw beyond the ruins to the potential within. Howard Hughes, the eccentric billionaire, resurrected the Landmark, albeit for a fleeting moment in history. For Fontainebleau, rebirth came through the return of its visionary founder, Jeffrey Soffer, whose relentless pursuit of his dream led to a renewed opening, triumphantly completed on a chilly December night in 2023.

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