Folksinger Stan Rogers Honored By Canada Post With A Stamp


Canada Post released a stamp that honours famous folksinger, Stan Rogers. Stan Rodgers died in 1983 after an electrical fire in the bathroom of an Air Canada plane flying from Texas to Toronto.

To honour the famous musician, Canada Post released the stamp on Wednesday, showing an image of Rogers singing and playing guitar. In the background, Fogartys Cove could be seen. This is the place where his mother grew up, and also the name of his first album.

Rogers’s widow, Ariel Rogers, commented:

“He’d be maybe a bit gob struck. I don’t know for sure.”

Ariel Rogers said that Canada Post approached her with this idea about 16 months ago. Rogers said that their visit reminded her of the old days with Stan, so she started looking at the old photos. The photo showing Stan performing at the Calgary Folk Festival in the early 1980s was chosen to be placed on the stamp.

Ariel concluded:

“I think that photo is incredible. It’s a fabulous picture and it just shows Stan in full-tilt action on stage where he loved to be. Not as much a reflection of what that person was, or what that job experience was, but almost like a prism. It’s just so multicoloured and so multifaceted that it lent a whole new meaning to that person, that person’s work or whatever it was he was writing about.”

The new stamp is available online and at Canada Post outlets.


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