Fly with Magelica and discover a world of love and positive thinking


by Rhonda Massad

Staring in front of a pond Magelica wondered who her parents were and where she came from, only knowing she had been hatched from a sapphire egg.  Author and mother of four Louise Courey takes children on a fantasy adventure of self discovery that teaches the power of imagination, believing in yourself and that love is the key to being happy.

“Children are ready for the message that if you feel good about yourself your life is magical.”

Book one of the trilogy finds Magelica saving a very sad turtle in the Isle of Dreams.

“I created Magelica over 25 years ago with the idea of empowering young girls, Magelica’s Voyage was finally published along with the second book in the trilogy called The Rescue,” Courey explained in an interview with The Suburban. “Now I have to just sit down pen to paper and get the third book written, I know exactly where she (Magelica) is going and what she will encounter.”

The Rescue has Magelica dreaming of a prince lost on a desert island and realizes that she must return to the Isle of Dreams to help rescue him.  The power of love and positive thinking are again the message in this whimsical tale.

Montreal born, Courey was in Pointe Claire at Chapters signing books and giving away magical feather necklaces to little girls last Friday, June 19.

“Indigenous people believed that feathers gave you positive energy and when you shared them you were connected to the person you shared them with through the magic of the feathers. Magelica always wears her feather necklace.”

In the future Courey hopes to work on a TV series and movie for Magelica and plans to head to Los Angeles after the completion of the trilogy.


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