Florida Sports Betting Battle Escalates to Supreme Court


In an unfolding chapter of the legal saga over sports betting in Florida, companies challenging the Seminole Tribe’s exclusive hold on the market have approached the highest judicial echelon, the U.S. Supreme Court. Seeking a pause on their federal case, they wish to await the conclusion of a state-level legal discourse. At the heart of this matter is the Tribe’s gaming compact, which if left unchecked, grants them the sole dominion over sports betting in Florida.

A request for additional time was formally made this Monday by West Flagler Associates and Bonita-Fort Myers Corp. These Florida-based pari-mutuel operators are at the front lines, questioning the sustainability and legality of the tribe’s gaming compact. Bearing a weighty legal challenge, they are requesting a breathing space until February 9 to submit their writ of certiorari. The mission? To overturn an earlier ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that vindicated the tribal gaming compact.

West Flagler Associates has intimated that such an extension is critical, as it allows time for the Florida Supreme Court to deliberate over a separate yet intertwined challenge that seeks to nullify the governor’s and the legislature’s approval of the compact in 2021. The point of contention is not merely one of market shares; it strikes at the core of the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and the Constitution of Florida. The approved agreement could possibly empower the Tribe to extend its gaming offerings beyond reservation lands—an expansion that sits uncomfortably with some stakeholders.

Under scrutiny is whether the Seminole Tribe’s operation of an online sports betting platform through its Hard Rock Bets, a move that several contend circumvents the constitutional checks that would typically apply to such an expansion necessitating a citizens’ referendum. According to West Flagler’s lawyers, this constitutes a legal contortion designed to benefit one party under the guise of compliance.

Earlier, an intervention by Chief Justice John Roberts momentarily stayed the compact’s authority, hinting at the complexity and importance of the affair. Despite that, the Seminole Tribe, undeterred, has reinitiated its Hard Rock Bets platform to some Floridians. Parallel to the federal proceedings, the state’s highest court has refrained from expediting their judgment traffic, leaving defendants until December 1 to prepare their stance.

It is not just about gaming; it is about legal precedence and principles, with both federal and state courts poised to render decisions that may very well have conflicting implications, potentially leading to a legal paradox described by West Flagler as an “absurd trap”.

As such, the parties opposing the compact are advocating for the court’s consent for the delay, given the interconnectedness of federal and state court outcomes. Should this extension not be granted, the plaintiffs would be thrust into expediting their plea before the U.S. Supreme Court by an early December deadline.

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