Flood emergency status renewed for the third time – we are not out of the woods yet

Paola Hawa
Left to right: Senneville Mayor Julie Brisebois, Mayor of Sainte Anne de Bellevue Paola Hawa

Montreal’s state of emergency status was renewed in a special meeting for the third time in two weeks. Last Sunday, the Agglomeration Council of Montreal took their act on the road for the first time since 1926, elected officials from across the island, convened in Pierrefonds to renew the state of emergency brought on by the Spring thaw. Today, Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante held another special meeting to renew once again the emergency status.

Bruno Lachance
Director of the Fire Department of Montreal, Bruno Lachance

According to the director of the Fire Department of Montreal, Bruno Lachance, the water levels are not expected to drop in the coming days. Lachance expressed concern that the expected precipitation over the next few days could raise the water levels. He also expressed concern that although dikes have been installed, they remain fragile.

Mayor Valerie Plante
Mayor Valerie Plante

The proposed extension was adopted and gives Montreal the leeway to act over the next five days without resorting to the usual rules of contracting and forced evacuations. To date, there have been 91 evacuations.


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