Floki Inu Soars on Crypto Wave, Sustainability Questioned


Revving up the crypto sphere with a meteoric rise to fame, Floki Inu (FLOKI), a meme-inspired cryptocurrency, has cinched the attention of digital asset traders globally. Bearing notable resemblance to the Shiba Inu memes, FLOKI has raced to the top with an impressive surge in trading activities, marking an almost 20% increase in price within a single week. Yet, as experts peel back the layers of this thriving “pup-ularity”, they echo words of caution hinting that the rise might be more of a high tide fueled by temporary hype rather than solid foundational growth.

The current wave of exhilaration is being fueled by an exponential surge in Future’s Open Interest for FLOKI. As per data from Coinglass, the figures reflecting the number of outstanding futures contracts signal a staggering climb of 110% since May 1st, peaking to a 30-day high at approximately $20 million. This impressive surge in figures suggests a swarm of new market participants pouring into FLOKI positions, potentially driven by pending expectations of further price escalations.

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Adding to this exciting cocktail is FLOKI’s exceptional ascend in daily trading volumes. On May 15th, statistics released by Santiment revealed a daily volume zooming past the billion-dollar threshold. This marked the highest level for FLOKI since the end of March. This frenzied buying fervor represents a spike in investor interest, propelling the price to greater heights.

Adding weight to this bull run for FLOKI is the behavior of key momentum indicators. Both the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Money Flow Index (MFI) currently float comfortably above their demarcation lines, lodged at 62.68 and 65.37 respectively. Simply put, these metrics imply that the price momentum is slanted in favor of further gains, at least for the short run.

However, beneath the sparkling veneer lurks a potential red flag. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF), a metric that gauges buying and selling pressure of an asset, seems to lean towards a bearish drift. Despite the climb in price, FLOKI’s CMF holds stubbornly to the negative region, lingering around -0.11. This suggests that the buying pressure might be losing steam even amid the rising prices.

Such a divergence between price and buying pressure often serves as an omen preceding a potential reversal. It’s interpreted as a sign marking a rally that’s fueled more by short-term speculation rather than robust investor confidence in the long run.

Despite its recent display of awe-inspiring performance, the undercurrents driving FLOKI suggest a possibly turbulent journey ahead. The explosion in open interest and trading volume signifies an intense marketplace frenzy, yet the declining CMF raises eyebrows and triggers concerns about the sustainability of this rally.