Flash Floods Ravage Greece; Volos Mayor Urges Indoor Stay


In the face of torrential rainfall, flash floods have swept across Greece, claiming at least one life. Several portions of the country are struggling under the sudden deluge that locals compare to an entire season’s worth of rainfall condensed into a mere 24 hours.

The coastal port city of Volos is at the eye of this meteorological onslaught, its usual autumnal precipitation amount replaced by a relentless day-long downpour. The city, and indeed much of the country, is not typically accustomed to such volumes of rain in such a short span of time.

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Achilleas Beos, the mayor of Volos, made his way to some of the most severely inundated areas and advised his townsfolk to remain indoors, cautioning, “there is no reason to be moving around. Stay in your homes so we can operate our equipment.”

Meanwhile, on the island of Skiathos, the rampaging floodwaters bore witness to their destructive power. Powerful currents coursed through the streets, creating chaos and uprooting plants and vehicles in a seemingly unstoppable surge. The scene stood as a harsh reminder of the unbridled fury of nature and the resilience required to weather such an ordeal.