Flame, Backyards and Pizza – Oh my!!!


by Rhonda Massad

There is nothing like dinner from the grill.  Nothing.  When planning your landscape makeover Concept72 will remind you that the selection for outdoor kitchens has changed over the years to include products that can keep us outside a lot longer in the day as well as throughout the year. Lighting, outdoor kitchens and sound systems that can be controlled from your cel phone are just some of the delicious delights that can be incorporated in this generation of backyards.
Installing a fire grill style BBQ is a favourite of Concept72 owner Steph Tanguay.  Hybrid fire grills allow you to deliver your dinner to the table with amazing ease and elegance. Today’s grills are handmade by master craftsmen with superior heat dynamics and unrivalled flexibility for cooking with gas, wood and charcoal fires offering unparalleled grilling, roasting and smoking.Concept72, Steph Tanguay, BBQ, Summer Grilling, Outdoor Living, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog
As much as I love grilling, which I do, I have recently been made aware of a new trend, outdoor pizza ovens.  What better way to spend an evening with the family than making individual pizzas?  I asked Steph what was the best pizza oven he used when creating exclusive outdoor living spaces for his clients. He offered up a few suggestions to suit both my budget and my ability. 
Steph explained that often times a superior grill can be transformed into a pizza oven with the help of a pizza stone that is added on to the grill.  Chefs around the world know that, when cooking with indirect heat via a stone turns your grill into a very efficient fire-brick oven — just like those found in the ruins of Pompeii and adapted for use in pizzerias around the world today.
Steph explained that some of the units he installs bake and roast better and quicker than some wood fired ovens because heat from the natural charcoal radiates within the thick ceramic walls of a grills lid, allowing your food to bake quickly and evenly. Steph insists I will never cook inside again once I have experienced the technology available to us to bake and roast your way to culinary perfection.
 For all outdoor living space inquiries call Steph Tanguay at Concept72 514.400.7000 or check his website at www.concept72.ca 


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