Flagler County School Principal Resigns Following Controversial African-American Students Assembly


In the aftermath of a controversial assembly designed for Black fourth and fifth-grade students, the principal of Bunnell Elementary School in Flagler County, Florida, has decided to resign. The event in question had concentrated on prompting these students to enhance their academic prowess which had invited a noteworthy rebuke.

Donelle Evensen, the said principal, delivered the news of her resignation to Superintendent LaShakia Moore, as confirmed by the school district. Post the assembly on August 18th which had invited criticism for singling out African-American students from the stipulated grades, both Evensen and a school teacher were ordered a leave of absence.

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During the controversial assembly, a presentation featuring the goals and objectives for the 2023-2024 academic year was displayed. The presentation bore statements such as “AA have underperformed on standardized assessment for the last three years”, as divulged in an email by Cheryl Massaro, the Chair of Flagler County School Board. Massaro further confirmed that ‘AA’ was used in reference to African Americans.

Parents across the district voiced their disappointment at the fact that only Black children were subjected to attend the assembly, notwithstanding their individual academic performance. Superintendent Moore issued an apology to the students and their guardians at a consequent news conference.

Addressing her role in the incident under the scanner, Moore commented, “It is my responsibility to identify, ‘Why did this happen?’ We are initiating an investigation at this time and will continue to evolve with the information received upon the conclusion of the investigation.”

On the regard of the yet-ongoing investigation into the contentious assembly at Bunnell Elementary, the school district has claimed it’s under process. As of the latest statement, “Superintendent Moore expects the investigation to be wrapped up this week.”