Five simple ways to ease headaches


A headache is one of those things that you simply cannot avoid thinking about. It is impossible to channel your thoughts to something else and ignore it entirely. Here we bring you five simple ways that could help you to ease your headache.

  1. Eye Care

Eye strain can lead to headaches. It is imperative to have regular tests at your local opticians. This will ensure that, if you wear glasses, they are of the right strength. Additionally, if your work involves sitting in front of a screen for prolonged periods, it is essential to take screen breaks each hour for between five and ten minutes. This allows your eyes to rest and prevents painful eye strain. Employers should be mindful of this and encourage all employees to take breaks often.

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  1. Heat or Ice

Using a heat pack can help to alleviate headaches. There are several options, including the pads that you stick to your skin, which heat up automatically. Alternatively, you could choose a pack which you can put in the microwave. Be sure to check the temperature before applying to the back of your neck to avoid scalding or burning yourself. For sinus headaches, taking a hot, steaming shower can help. Other people find ice or cold compresses. You can buy strips that are specifically designed to be attached to your forehead. Alternatively, wrapping something from the freezer in a cloth and applying to the back of your neck can help.

  1. Relaxation Techniques

Many people find that engaging in relaxing activities, such as Yoga, can help to ease the pain of a headache. Stretching your muscles can make a huge difference. Practice this by tensing and releasing your toes several times. Next, repeat this with each part of your body, moving all the way up to your neck. If you feel no difference initially, try to do it again. Always start from your toes and move upwards. Always do this in a darkened room as sometimes light can be a trigger for headaches. Of course, ensure there is sufficient light for it to not present a danger to you.

  1. Aromatherapy

Using essential oils, like those from Kumi Oils, through aromatherapy can have tremendous results for people suffering from headaches. Lavender oil is especially successful. Inhaling the fumes from lavender oil for around fifteen minutes can have dramatic effects. Many people also keep something scented with lavender in their purse in case a headache comes on suddenly. Spraying your pillow with lavender oil spritz is said to help too. Peppermint oil is an alternative which many people swear by.

  1. Caffeine

We know that there are many detrimental effects to taking too much caffeine on board. However, when it comes to headaches, having a little can be useful. Ingesting a cup of tea or coffee could be enough. Alternatively, try a can of cola. For some people, a painkiller containing caffeine can be more effective than those without. Despite this, do not have too much caffeine as this will prevent you from sleeping properly and can, therefore, prolong headaches.