Five Reasons to Write Alone


By: Shari Reinhart

There’s a time for human interaction and a time for solitude.

I like to use writer’s workshops for brainstorming and idea dumping. I like to arouse fresh perspectives and negotiate where a future piece will go with the writer’s group but then… I need to be alone with myself to write. In solitude. It is only when I am quiet with myself that I can dig deep into myself and gather the clues that were offered from the group to craft my piece.

This approach helps with:

Self control: Take the first step by ritualizing the writing process. Take a sip of tea, walk from here to there, prepare your mind and then sit. Even if nothing comes at first.

Sweet serenity: Shhh, can you hear it that? It’s the sound of silence. Be still and soak in the sweet serenity of nothing but you and whatever thoughts – brilliant or not so much – cross your mind.

Traveling inside your own head: Like a rope that is knotted over and over in several different places and you’re trying to unknot it your own jumble of ideas need to come undone. This is often the foundation from which the most profound writing is born. The distraction of others will interfere with that.

Being more productive: Once it happens, once your story starts to bubble up and onto the page there’s no stopping. That kind of productivity is seductive and begs not to be disturbed.

Getting Spiritual: Take a walk in nature, try to meditate, be with yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever swells up inside you. It may be uncomfortable at first but once you relax into it… there is a certain calm that opens up the creative channels.


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