Five dollars can change your life – Through my eyes


“Invest in yourself before anything else,” Warren Buffet.

by Rhonda Massad

The five dollar bill.  It has become a bit of a competition in my family but in a good way.

I made a decision years ago that forever changed the way I see money: instead of spending every $5 bill that passed through my hands, I started saving them.  I found that stashing away each five that came my way was a way of putting myself on a fun savings plan.

Every time I would get a five I would save it for the “stash”. 

One day my BFF Annalisa asked me about this fetish I have with my fives.  She like the idea and  started to do the same. So did her mom.  I told my mom what we were up to and she started a few months ago too. 

The best part about this plan is that everyone can do it. All it takes to get started is a commitment to save and one $5 bill or any denomination that suits you.  If you are able to commit to a $10 why not?  Or every toonie.  

The number one reason most people don’t save is that they don’t have a savings plan. This is a simple way to put aside some extra money, to pay for a wedding or a vacation, a new car or a house; to pay off school loans or help put a child through school; or maybe the ultimate savings goal — retirement.

Once you commit to saving your fives, you’ll never look at a $5 bill the same way again. Once you see them accumulate, you won’t be tempted to spend them. It becomes an addictive habit, a fun game to see how fast you can grow your stash.


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