Five Amazing Reasons you Should Play the Guitar




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  • It’s good for you – you should take up the guitar because it has been proven to be good for you. Almost every instrument tests your memory and improves your overall strength. Playing the guitar is good for your mind overall, and helps you increase reflexes, co-ordination, and multi-tasking, particularly at the start when you are having to juggle looking at the guitar to make sure your hands are correct, with looking at the notes or music to see that you are playing it correctly. Guitar playing keeps your mind active, and gives you something to keep you occupied.


  • It’s a lot of fun – playing an instrument is endless amounts of fun, even when you have just started, and are still struggling with learning the chords. Creating something is an amazing experience, and to hear your own handiwork is something that can’t be described. Learning how to play, and seeing what you can do when you put your mind to it, is wonderful. The process of learning is fun, as you see what happens to make the sounds that you are familiar with, and also how to create songs which you are used to hearing every day.


  • It’s fairly easy – obviously, learning an instrument takes a lot of work, but guitar is actually one of the better ones for learning on your own. is only one example of how this can be done – there are literally thousands of books and articles and videos on how to learn the guitar by yourself. Unlike the piano or a woodwind instrument, for example, the guitar only necessitates one hand (with a few exceptions) – other instruments require both hands to be used, and sometimes in confusing ways. The guitar is almost made for the solo learner.


  • It can make you the life of the party – there’s something about playing a musical instrument which just makes people want to hear you play. A guitar can really light a room up and make people want to dance, and it is something which will make anybody smile. Bonus points if you know songs which can be sung along to – everyone likes a good singalong. The guitar is easy to bring to any gathering you want – you don’t need to rely on them having a piano – although the same could be said for the piccolo. Guitars are welcome almost anywhere.


  • It is a stress-buster – any instrument is a stress-reliever, so the guitar is no exception. Playing the guitar allows you to have some time alone, and breaks your concentration on a temper or your other worries to give your mind some rest. Focusing on the music can help give you a mental break, allowing you to come back refreshed afterwards. The music itself is a stress-relief, since it is an emotional outlet. Letting yourself have a mental break from your worries and concerns is healthy: quite often we find that the answer is there, we just couldn’t see it because we had no mental space to do so.