First Democrat Congressman Declares Biden Unfit for Re-election After Debate Flop


In a notable moment of political candor that resonates deeply through the heart of Washington, Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas broke ranks. Doggett, a long-standing member serving his 15th term for an Austin-based district, has become the first Democrat to publicly declare President Joe Biden unfit to continue his bid for re-election due to his recent debate performance against Donald Trump.

His words hang heavy in the air as they echo sentiments that have been whispered in hushed tones within the corridors of power since last week’s debate. Doggett expressed that President Biden’s performance had been less than satisfactory, causing an instant ripple of panic within the Democratic party faithful and raising doubts about whether the seasoned political veteran is still the strongest candidate to challenge Trump, the anticipated Republican nominee.

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In a statement on Tuesday, Doggett couched his message with respect for Biden’s achievements but was candid on his professional expectations, and has called upon the leader to “make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw”. He drew comparisons to former President Lyndon Johnson who, under different circumstances, withdrew his presidential bid and stated that Biden should make a similar determination.

While the President himself has confessed to having had a subpar debate performance, he maintains the conviction that he is equipped to continue the fight for a second term. White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, adds support to this claim, acknowledging the thoughts and concerns expressed within the Democratic circles, alluding to the importance of fostering a variety of perspectives within the party. She said, “that’s what makes this party different than the other side.”

Doggett’s statement is particularly noteworthy as it followed rapidly after former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s public acknowledgement on MSNBC. She questioned whether the President’s wavering performance in the debate was symptomatic of a deeper issue, signifying that this is a moment for introspection – not just for Biden, but for every presidential hopeful. Pelosi referred to Biden as “on top of his game” combatting speculation regarding his overall competence.

The echoes of this week are indicative of an unexpected and swift turn of events in Biden’s campaign. The campaign, along with Biden’s staunchest allies, have been relentless in combating criticism about his fitness and justifying his ability to serve another term. However, his unsettled performance during the debate has caused an unprecedented tremor, shaking the Democratic party to its core and casting doubts about his continued nomination.

Meanwhile, other big names within the Democratic party weigh in. Influential Congressman Jamie Raskin made headlines when he brought up the possibility of Biden stepping aside before the Democratic convention in August. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse also remarked that Biden’s performance was of concern. Despite their disappointment, however, many acknowledge the complex journey to identify an alternate candidate at this late stage.

In an interview, Bernie Sanders, once Biden’s political rival, stated he would push for Biden’s re-election despite concerns about his capacity to win in November. He emphasized that this was not a popularity contest, rather a fight for policies that would impact everyday lives.