First Day of School Marred by Traffic Chaos Amid South Windsor Construction Works


Tuesday in South Windsor marked the beginning of a new school year. However, it was neither the joy of reunion nor the apprehension of a new class that took center stage, but the heightened traffic due to ongoing construction. The epicenter of this symphony of honks and shouts was the junction of Longfellow Avenue and Northwood Street, where the morning rush seemed to amplify further.

Kevin Sax, a resident of the northwest side of the chaotic corner, reflected on the situation. “Parents naturally wish for a smooth and trouble-free journey while dropping their kids off on the first day of school. The current situation, though, is causing everyone to face anomalies,” said Sax.

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Jim Morrison, Councillor for Ward 10, paid a visit to the site to ascertain how the construction work on Dominion Boulevard impacted the surrounding traffic. He acknowledged, “This intersection has become daunting to pass through. Unfortunately, considering the vastness of the project, these disruptions are likely to continue till the end of the year.”

Despite the project commencing late, Morrison confirmed that the first day of school would inevitably have been affected. However, he, along with Sax, stressed the need for patience, highlighting the long-term benefits of the construction.

“In the grand scheme of things, the Dominion improvements will eventually ease matters on the road,” Sax said. “Sure, short-term inconveniences are unavoidable, but it’s essential to focus on the broader picture.”

The road close-down on Dominion did prove to be a silver lining for some. Several residents found it easier to make their way to the bus stop on this bustling Tuesday morning. Mottu Joice, a mother who bade her children goodbye at the bus stop, remarked, “The diminished car count on the roads has made crossing the streets easier. However, the construction may impose a slight delay.”

The crossing guards, stationed to aid the children, found themselves spending additional time at the crosswalks. Margherita Diponio, one of the guards, expressed her displeasure at the drivers stopping right in the path of the crosswalk. She said, “A stop bar in place would help ensure that drivers halt before the crosswalk. I am considering contacting the local authorities about this.”

Councillor Morrison shared that additional crossing guards had been deployed by the city to ensure the safety of pupils on this significant day. He appealed to the public, “Please respect the situation and remain vigilant to the children crossing from both sides.”