Firm That Runs Keno Games Sues Lincoln Race Course Over Its Expansion Program


Nebraska’s Lincoln Race Course is starting a lawsuit initiated by the firm that currently runs keno games.

Omaha’s Big Reg Keno runs keno games at the racecourse. The firm also offers lottery games at the Horsemen’s Park, Omaha. However, it is the operating contract that Big Red has for their Lincoln that keno says caused the strife between them.

Around November, last year, Voters in Nebraska passed a referendum asking for an amendment to the constitution so that state race tracks can offer commercial gambling.

Big Red said that its operating agreement features a clause that grants it exclusive rights to new games, except pickle cards.

Big Red’s lawyer, Stephen Mossman, said that despite his client’s efforts to hold talk with the complainant, Lincoln Race Course disregarded their contract, and has continued to breach the said contract by proceeding with a different provider.

The racecourse is one of three first tracks that have elected to engage WarHorse Gaming on its casino expansion program.

Omaha Exposition & Racing, the firm that runs Lincoln Race Course, said that it leases its tracks and as such, they are not violating their contract with Big Red.

Nebraska’s move to legalize commercial gambling at 6 state horse tracks might hurt Keno. While Omaha Exposition has noted that Big Red is allowed to continue housing its keno equipment in the venue, Big Red is seeking reparations for damages relating to not being chosen as operator and developer of the casino.


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