Fire Prompts Evacuation Of Lytton Residents After Prolonged Abnormal Heat Wave


A fire that was fast spreading razed down most of Lytton village, B.C last Wednesday after a few days of abnormal heat that has repeatedly surpassed temperature records in Canada.

The fire crew could not immediately determine the source of the fire, but noted it did not start at the 350-hectare wildfire that is burning south of Lytton, about 260km to the northeast of Vancouver.

Jan Polderman, Lytton’s mayor, order the evacuation of all the 250 residents of Lytton village at about 6pm. All evacuees are required to register with the emergency social services building, Merritt, and were informed they would be issued with three days of support should they need help.

The mayor noted that it took a short time for the fire to consume his village.

It is not clear whether everyone was evacuated safely.

The wild fire service in B.C said provincial help has been deployed to assist the fire crew fight the fire.

Authorities have not been able to offer an estimate of the size of the fire or confirm the number of structured that were burnt to the ground.

The fire information office said that the sweltering heat in B.C has created a fire hazard in the area as things have dried up considerably in the last few days.

This week, Lytton was on the news for having the highest recorded temperature in the entire country three consecutive days. The record presently stands at about 49.6C. which is more than what was recorded in Vegas.


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