Fire Danger Quit Extreme At Regional Parks Across Vancouver


The wildfire’s rating across metro Vancouver’s regional parks is has been moved up to the extreme level, the authorities said Wednesday.

Regional authorities urged locals to exercise cautions when they visit the parks, which it noted are still opening for business for the moment, but may soon be closed, where necessary.

Metro Vancouver noted they would add more resourced to their patrol units in order to bolster enforcement as long as the fire danger rating remains extreme.

To guarantee that parks remain open for business and that fires do not erupt, metro Vancouver urged its residents and visitors to remain in designated areas and follow all requirements as directed by the posted signs, and stay away from smoking or starting campfires except in areas where they are allowed to do so.

Authorities also noted that gas cooking stoves and propane barbecues are allowed under certain circumstances, and only if the packs leadership has not banned such use. They also urged people who spot fires to dial the emergency line 911 and alert park management.

A few other municipalities in the region have also raised their fire danger alert levels to the extreme category for parks in their areas of jurisdiction.


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