Fire at Wheatley Water Plant Sparks Tap Water Consumption Warning


A blaze erupted on Wednesday afternoon at the Wheatley Water Treatment Facility, leading officials to urge the residents of Wheatley and Tilbury to refrain from consuming tap water.

Fire personnel responded promptly to a report of a fire at the Wheatley Water Treatment Plant, located on Detroit Line. The incident occurred approximately at 1:30 p.m, and was confined solely to the generator room of the plant. Thanks to the rapid response, crews managed to snuff the blaze out promptly.

At the scene, no injuries were reported.

The residents were initially relieved on Wednesday afternoon with the announcement that the water was still fit for consumption. However, changing circumstances led Chatham-Kent Public Health to subsequently reverse their statement. Residents were cautioned against using tap water for multiple purposes such as preparing infant formula, creating juice, brushing teeth, rinsing off food, or producing ice.

Officials also recommended that residents conserve water awaiting further updates.

Currently, teams from Chatham-Kent Fire and Rescue along with the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission are toiling to assess the extent of the damage and determine the repairs required.

Expressing his gratitude for the public’s patience and understanding, Tim Sunderland, the general manager of the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission, stated, “Our crews are working diligently to identify and implement the necessary repairs.”

Information about specific areas affected by this incident can be found on local government resources. A swift and thorough calculation of the impact is being conducted to restore normalcy as soon as possible.


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